As Used By Mike Geary, PaleoHacks, and Other Top CB Vendors…

An Easy-to-Use Split-Testing Software Made Specifically for Clickbank Vendors That's Crazy Accurate and NOT $8,000 a Month Like VWO or Optimizely...

Other top selling ClickBank Vendors call this ‘NEW’ software their “Unfair Advantage” To Dominate Clickbank!...

“CBsplit has been the #1 split tester that we've used in the last 10 years”
- Mike Geary - ClickBank Top Seller.

“We tried other split testing solutions like Google, VWO and Optimizely...

But we consistently found that they had huge errors...

As high as 20% when we would double check our data against order form tracking.

That basically makes a split test useless.

And could have caused us to choose the WRONG winners…

Which would have HARMED our business… NOT grown it!”

That’s what Mike Geary, the creator of Truth About Abs…

And one of ClickBanks all-time highest selling vendors…

Had to say when talking about the split-testing software he used to use…

Before he started using a NEW super-simple, and little-known, split-testing software

That’s allowed him to scale his offers to 100, 200, 500, even 1000+ sales per day...

All while running countless split-tests…

And getting accurate, trust-worthy data…

Without needing to dive into thousands of spreadsheets…

Or navigate confusing, awkward, and time-sucking software dashboards.

And Mike isn’t the only top-selling ClickBank Vendor who’s raving about this simple to use software...

Dave Sinick from PaleoHacks is also a convert.

And had this to say about my revolutionary split-testing software…

“Not only has it solved our challenges with split testing tools…

“It's 100% accurate... and works 100% of the time…”

In fact…

Mike and Dave, along with Matt Shuebrook, Rob Poulos, and many other ClickBank Publishers…

Have been quietly using my under-the-radar software…

To get trustworthy split-test feedback…

Which has allowed them to…

Which isn’t just hype and empty promises…

Because as you’ll soon see…

These top-selling publishers have relied on this underground software to be their ‘unfair advantage’...

Putting their complete trust, and entire business…

In the hands of this new revolutionary tool…

As it gives them exactly what they need to add multiple thousands of dollars in revenue…

To their already successful businesses, each and every day.

And you could be one of the select few partners who are able to use this simple, secret software…

Giving you the power to scale your offers by…

100, 200, 500, and even 1000+ buyers… per day!


Until today, the only way you could get access was by being personally introduced by one of the existing high-flying partners.

And even if you were... you’d have to pay me whopping $10,000/year for access. Because these top-selling ClickBank vendors didn’t want me to share their ‘unfair advantage’.

They were even willing to use this profit-boosting software before it was in the simple-to-use, and highly-robust format it is packaged in today...

And the results they got were so good, they forced me to keep it under wraps.

But today, I have a huge announcement. 

With Mike Geary’s Permission, I’m Pulling Back The Curtain On One Of His Secret Weapons… 

And allowing 100 Clickbank Vendors to become a “partner” in the service. 

At a fraction of the cost of becoming a premium client. 

So what am I talking about? Well… 

My name is Stephan MacKenzie…

I’m a tech entrepreneur from Vancouver, Canada… 

And I’ve been working with Mike Geary for the last ten years. 

During that time, I created a custom coded software for his business… 

Which helped him to explode his profits and become #1 on Clickbank. 

For the last few years, I’ve been pleading with Mike to let me share this software with other Clickbank vendors… 

Because I knew it could help so many business owners to add thousands of extra dollars to their bottom line. 

Yet, Mike always told me “no”. 

Which I understood. 

After all, I wouldn’t want to give away my secret weapon either.

But, in recent months, I’ve twisted his arm… 

And Mike agreed that this software was so powerful, that we should allow a select group of people to use it. 

Which brings us to the huge opportunity I have for you today. 

Please please understand… 

This offer is NOT being made to everyone. 

In fact…  

I’m Only Sharing This Offer With Advanced Marketers Like You… 

If you’re generating less than $5,000-10,000 per month on Clickbank… 

Then this is NOT for you. 

This is for serious marketers and business owners… 

Who are looking to grow from 6-figures per year to 7-figures… 

Or from a million dollars per year, to multiple millions per year. 

You see, this service isn’t about helping you to create your first offer. 

It’s about helping you scale to HUNDREDS of sales per day! 

So that you can transform your business and your life… Forever.

You see, I truly believe that… 

This Is The Ultimate Advantage For Taking Your Offer To 250, 500, Or Even 1,000+ Sales Per Day! 

To survive in online business, there’s one skill which matters more than anything else:

Customer Acquisition. 

Customer acquisition is the life blood of any business. 

When you’re bringing in fresh, new customers every single day… 

Your business will be a cash machine

As you generate MASSIVE PROFITS on the back-end of your business. 

And those profits allow you to hire a team to free up your time… 

Pay off your mortgage twice as fast… 

Create total financial security for you, your wife and your kids… 

… So that they never worry about money ever again. 

Take them on the dream vacations they’ve always wanted to go on… 

Or invest it back into your business, so you can help even more customers… 

And be a force for good in this world. 


Without A Highly Converting Front End Offer, It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before Your Business Dies… 

Without bringing in new front-end customers… 

Your business is in serious trouble. 

At some point, your current leads are going to stop buying… 

Unsubscribe, or simply stop opening your emails. 

And before you know it, you’re back to financial stress… 

Wondering how you’re going to keep your business alive. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

And the offer I have for you today will revolutionize your marketing… 

And help you bring in 200, 300, 500… 

Or even 1,000+ front-end sales every single day!

And help you to reach the coveted #1 spot on Clickbank. 

You see, the custom coded software I’m about to show you…

Will Help You Turbocharge Your Conversion Rates & Quickly Boost Your Average Order Value. 

The secret to front-end marketing is a high converting funnel. 

When your funnel is converting hard, affiliates will be lining up to mail for you… 

Your dedicated email drops will give you a great return on investment… 

And you can even begin to scale up your paid traffic. 

It all comes down to conversion rates and average order value. 

When you can make the numbers work, your business will grow like never before. 

Which brings me back to the special offer I have for you today. 

You see, the custom coded solution I’m about to share with you… 

Is specifically designed to help you boost your Clickbank profits by up to 30%! 

(Which could be worth an extra $5,000 - $20,000 per MONTH for the right person). 

Which is why… 

Mike Geary, Dave Sinick, Matt Shuebrook & More Call This Their Unfair Advantage! 

It all started when Mike Geary approached me almost ten years ago. 

Mike and I were already working together on a wide range of projects… 

Through my company,, which generates 7-figures per year. 

Yet one day, Mike asked me to take on a much bigger, bolder project. 

Something which I wasn’t even sure was possible at the time. 

It was a custom coded software program, which Mike hoped would significantly increase his conversion rates. 

After many months of work, we had cracked the code. 

And Mike used our program to grow from the early stages of his business… 

To being the #1 affiliate on all of Clickbank! 

Mike was so impressed by the software, that he asked if I would license it to some of his business partners. 

One of those partners was David Sinick, founder of Paleo Hacks.

Who said it was the best answer and cheapest solution compared to other CRO options.

Another of our founding members was Matt Shuebrook and Dr. Steve Young. 

They released a product in the back pain niche… 

And used the program to help generate $200,000+ in the first 60 days! 

Matt told me: “Without CB Split, it simply wouldn’t have been possible.''

"Stephan's CBsplit has been the #1 split tester that we've used in the last 10 years in our business.  We previously tried other split testing solutions such as google and others, but consistently found that they had significant errors as high as 20% when we would double check our data against order form tracking...that basically makes a split test useless and could have caused us to choose the WRONG winners, thereby harming our business.  With CBsplit, our data was always almost perfectly accurate when we double checked it, giving us the security and trust that our split test results were actually accurate and we were making the right choices that were improving our business."

- Mike Geary

"We've been running split tests for almost a decade now, and until CBSplit came around, our biggest struggle was simply making these tools work. On top of that, most of the well known split testing tools on the market are now THOUSANDS of dollars per month -- at their lowest pricing! CBSplit not only solved our challenges with split testing tools (it's100% accurate, and works 100% of the time), but it is also incredibly cost effective. Stephan has been amazing to work with and constantly improves on the product, and if you are running split tests, especially on Clickbank -- I can't recommend it enough."

- Dave Sinick

Or finally, take Dr. TK Huynh. 

Dr. TK is the founder of a highly effective pain cream called MindBody Matrix. 

And in just 3 months, he went from zero sales on Clickbank… 

To now generating $60,000+ per month! 

Now, of course, the service isn’t the only reason these businesses grew so big and fast. 

But in every case, they’ve told me that it gave them a huge advantage over the competition. 

Which is why I’m so excited to announce that today… 

For the first time ever… 

You Can Become One Of Only 100 Partners In This New Custom Coded Software… 

Now, before I tell you exactly what this offer is… 

I want you to know that we’re keeping this launch very small. 

You see, every new partner will be getting my personal attention. 

To help you get set up as quickly and easily as possible. 

It’s also why we’re only letting a few select affiliates promote this offer. 

But, for those of you who get in… 

I know it’s going to be a game changer. 

So what exactly am I talking about?



The ONLY Custom Coded Software, Specifically Designed For Clickbank Vendors To Increase Conversions And Boost Sales! 

CB Split is a custom coded software… 

Which allows Clickbank vendors to build and publish their websites. 

But it’s much more than just another WordPress or ClickFunnels. 

CB Split allows you to split test your sales funnels, order forms and upsells. 

It provides incredibly accurate data on average order value, total revenue per customers, upsell conversion rates, etc. 

And you can see all the results of your split tests in real time in our beautifully presented dashboard. 

CB Split is deeply integrated with clickbank and other commonly used third party applications. 

So it works perfectly with Maropost, Infusionsoft, Xverify, HasOffers, and GetResponse.


So you can trust that all of your data is totally safe and that your website won’t be hacked. 

(Recently, many Clickbank vendors found their WordPress websites were hacked. But CB Split members were totally safe and unaffected).

Plus, we even do the hosting for you. 

With our extremely fast page load speeds. CB Split is significantly faster than WordPress and all other solutions. 

If you drive a lot of traffic through Clickbank, then CB Split will be a game changer for your business. 

So let me show you exactly how CB Split works… 

And why I believe it’s a much better option for Clickbank vendors than WordPress, ClickFunnels or Kajabi! 

First, There’s Our Proprietary Split Testing Software, Specifically Customized For Clickbank Offers...

Everyone knows that split testing is the fastest and easiest way to increase conversion rates. 

But let’s be honest:

Getting accurate data on your split tests is really hard.

Sometimes we increase conversions on the front-end… 

… But then we find our upsells stop working! 

Or in other cases, with programs such as Wicked Reports, ClickFunnels or Visual Website Optimizer… 

The data is screwed up! 

These programs show completely different numbers than our merchant accounts. 

There has to be an easier way… 

And there is. 

The #1 competitive advantage of CB Split is our proprietary split testing software. 

Which is specifically customized for Clickbank! 

With CB Split, you can run anywhere from 2-26 split tests all at the same time. 

And you can trust that your data will be totally correct. 

You see, most split testing software relies on pixels in order to track data. 

But pixels break, or aren’t registered by the computer all the time! 

Which is why your data is often wrong. 

However, with CB Split, we pull the data directly from your Clickbank merchant account. 

So that we always have the right numbers. 

But that’s not all. 

Because our system is so deeply integrated with Clickbank, we can give you another fantastic service. 

Remember earlier, we discussed how sometimes, increasing front-end conversion rate can LOWER average order value?

Well, this is a very difficult thing for most people to track. 

Which means they’re flying blind and simply guessing about what’s working in their business. 

But with CB Split, we don’t just measure front-end conversion rate. 

We can also show you the revenue, upsell conversion rates, order value… 

And all the other important metrics you need. 

Split testing has never been easier. 

Second, There’s Our Advanced Data Platform. So You Can Make The Data Driven Decisions To Grow Your Business… Fast! 

When Mike Geary and I began working together… 

He had a full team responsible for tracking all of the data in the business. 

They had multiple spreadsheets, and reviewing this data would take HOURS. 

This was a huge problem, because without solid, easy-to-understand numbers… 

It’s impossible to make the data driven decisions needed to grow your business. 

Mike knew there had to be a better way… 

Which is what led to our Advanced Data Platform. 

Instead of it taking hours and involving multiple excel spreadsheets…

You can clearly see your data in real time. 

But here’s what’s really cool about this. And it ties back into our proprietary split testing software. 

Most split tests only show which conversion rate was higher in the form on a chart… 

But CB Split gives you a much more complete picture. 

Because we don’t just show front-end conversion rate. 

We can also carefully track: 

We do all of this, so that you can see the results of your split tests fast! 

Without any additional effort or work. 

This way, it’s incredibly easy to know which test is winning and which is losing. 

Plus, because CB Split is directly integrated with your Clickbank account… 

The data is updated in real time! 

And presented in a simple, intuitive manner. 

This tool alone can be a real game changer for your business. 

And Third, CB Split Will Significantly Speed Up Your Website, So You Can Get More Sales! 

You see this picture of a $100 bill?


Well, that’s how much money you’re losing every minute with your slow website. 

There is a striking link between page load speed and conversion rate. 

According to research published by Google… 

A 1 second delay, decreases conversion rate by 12%!

So if you’re making $10,000 per day, your slow website is costing you $1,200 daily! 

This doesn’t even include what happens if your website crashes or goes offline. 

So what can you do about this?

It’s super simple. 

CB split contains only 2% of the code of a WordPress of ClickFunnels website. 

And because the code is so sleek and streamlined, our pages load EXTREMELY fast. 

The industry average is 4 seconds… 

While CB Split pages load in 1.25 seconds! 

This alone makes it a no-brainer transitioning to CB Split.

In addition, we use powerful back-end servers. 

These servers are top of the line and ensure that your website is always live and functional. 

If your website does ever go down, I’ll know about it (and fix it) before you even know what happened. 

And if your website is large enough, I’m happy to set you up on your own dedicated server. 

(Or even multiple servers if you have enough traffic). 

But just remember, every second in page load speed, boosts performance by 12%. 

So you can literally boost your conversions 12%, 24% or even 36% by switching to CB Split! 

Imagine getting results like that without changing a word of your copy. 

But That’s Not All… 

CB Split Also Has All Of These Great Features!

Leading Experimentation Platform

Continously optimize your conversions and revenue with this proven and powerful A/B testing method by creating webpages variations.

SEO Friendly

Static URL slugs, Meta tools including Facebook and meta images, follow/no-follow/index/no-index and sitemap.

GEO Redirection/Page Handler

Redirect foreign traffic to maximize revenue and minimize customer service issues.

Version Control

Pages, Layouts and Snippets track changes by date/time, show differences, and can be reverted.

User Level Privledges

Create users with only the privleges they need to get their job done.

Affiliate Pixel Management

Load your affiliates pixel on select pages only when incoming referral matches

  • Admin Logging - Superadmin can see all login's and changes made by all accounts.
  • Version Control - Pages, Layouts and Snippets track changes by date/time, show differences, and can be reverted.
  • User Level Privledges - Create users with only the privleges they need to get their job done.
  • A-Z Testing - A/B Split test with more variables at once, up to 26 concurrent variations.
  • Autopilot for split tests - auto-completes a test and makes winning page live
  • Clickbank API Integration - Connect to the ClickBank API to confirm sales, order items, revenue per order and more...
  • 3rd Party Mailer API Integrations for Maropost and InfusionSoft - coming soon for MailChimp API etc...
  • xVerify API Integration

CBSplit Core Functionality

  • Split Testing - Continously optimize your conversions and revenue with this proven and powerful method.
  • Conversion rate optimization For increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers.
  • ClickBank Integration - Designed from the ground up for ClickBank publishers, including API integration.
  • SEO Friendly - Static URL slugs, Meta tools including Facebook and meta images, follow/no-follow/index/no-index and sitemap.
  • Content Management System - Page creation, template management, code snippets, media and more.
  • Redirect Module - Build in handler for redirecting visitors with custom 301's
  • GEO Redirection/Page Handler - Redirect foreign traffic to maximize revenue and minimize customer service issues.
  • Affiliate Pixel Management - Load your affiliates pixel on select pages only when incoming referral matches 
  • Select landing page by passing variable in clickbank referral link, ie ?PID=NNN lands on page ID NNN 

And Finally, We Have Some Really Cool Features Coming Soon! 

In a moment, I’ll tell you exactly how much it costs to invest in CB Split. 

But first, I want to tell you about some of the additional features which will be coming really soon. 

First, we’ve been commissioned by Mike Geary to work on a Life Time Value (LTV) Calculator. 

We hope that the LTV Calculator will be a game changer for your business. 

By providing you with detailed metrics on the lifetime value of your customers. 

Giving you the 30 day, 60 day, 90 day and 180 day value with just a few clicks. 

And you’ll even be able to see how much your customers are spending on 3rd party offers also! 

This way, you’ll know exactly how much you can pay to acquire a customer. 

By buying more traffic or offering higher CPA’s. 

But you can only be aggressive if you’re totally confident in your numbers. 

Once we finish building the LTV calculator… 

And ensure that it’s working flawlessly for Mike Geary… 

We’ll be rolling out this feature for all CB Split customers. 

The second feature currently in development is a shopping cart for physical products. 

This way, you can have your own shopping cart, all in one domain name. 

Simplifying your funnel and giving you much more freedom. 

And the third feature which is coming soon is a Clickbank integrated blog. 

Most people run their blog through WordPress. Which is fine if you’re a beginner. 

But when your blog is getting 100,000+ clicks per month (or even per day)... 

Your blog is going to be too slow. 

Just like how CB Split will speed up your sales pages… 

It will also speed up your blog, allowing you to get more traffic… 

Run split tests on your website… 

And integrate your blog with Clickbank so you can monetize your website even better. 

So, as you can see, there are a lot of features which are coming very soon. 

But there’s one other thing I want to show you. 

And that is… 

It’s Really Easy To Move Your Website Over To CB Split! 

I want you to know that switching to CB Split is very easy. 

I personally recommend that you move over to CB Split slowly. 

Start by moving over one page, set up your first round of split tests, and ensure that everything’s working perfectly. 

Then, once you’ve set up your first page, you can set up a second. 

And then a third. 

This way, you can move things over at your own pace. 

And remember, it only takes roughly 30 minutes to set up a new page. 

Making this a very clean and simple transition. 

CB Split Is Available At A Special Discount For The First 100 Founding Partners - Act Fast! 

Please understand, that Mike Geary paid me 5-figures to custom code CB Split for his business, all those years ago. 

And my other clients have been paying a hefty fee for CB Split. 

So when I decided to open the doors to more people, I couldn’t give it away at rock-bottom prices. 

Otherwise, my clients would be really mad at me. 

So initially, I was going to charge $497/month for CB Split. 

But after talking to Mike and a few of my other clients… 

They agreed that CB Split was so valuable, that we should ensure that up and coming marketers could afford it too. 

So, the good news is, you won’t be paying anywhere near $497/month today. 

You won’t be paying $397/month.

Or even $297/month. 

Instead, CB Split is available for just $197/month. 

Making this a no brainer for all Clickbank vendors! 

But that’s not all… 



You Have A Full 14 Days To Test Drive CB Split With Our FREE Trial! 

We’ve all had the experience of signing up for a new email provider or business tool… 

And once we sign up, we realize it isn’t what we hoped it would be. 

Well, I’m so confident that you’re going to LOVE CB Split… 

That I’m going to give you a FREE 14-day trial. 

I know that as soon as you set up your first split test, you’ll be absolutely hooked! 

So here’s how it works. 

When you sign up today, you’ll enter your billing information. 

However, you won’t be charged a single dollar for 14 days. 

If after 14 days, you’ve fallen in love with CB Split, then you’ll be billed $197 per month. 

And you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

But, if for any reason you’re unhappy and want to cancel… 

Just let me know within the 14 days and you won’t pay a single penny. 

And that’s not all. 

I also have two very special bonuses that I’d like to share with you. 

Special Bonus #1:
Get Customer Support From Me Personally And I’ll Help With Any Technical Issues You May Have! 

As I said earlier, you may have concerns about moving your website to a new software. 

Especially if you’re not a tech person, or don’t know much about software. 

That’s why I wanted to go the extra mile to make joining CB Split as easy as possible for you. 

Now, as I’ve mentioned, CB Split is extremely easy to use. 

(Even if you don’t have a technical bone in your body).

But I’m going to go one step further today. 

When you sign up for your FREE 14 day trial… 

You’ll get an email with step-by-step video instructions. 

Showing you exactly how to get started. 

Your first split test should literally take 30 minutes to set up. 


If you do have any problems or questions whatsoever… 

You’ll have my personal Skype username… 

My email address and even my phone number. 

So you can always get in touch. 

All issues should be resolved within one business day (and likely much sooner than that). 

Most likely, you won’t need to contact me at all. 

But in the rare chance that you do, I want you to know that I’m personally available to help. 

This is how much I value you as a loyal customer. 

And there’s one other thing which makes joining CB Split today a no brainer… 

Special Bonus #2:
Get A FREE 60-Minute Copy Review With Some Of The Best Copywriters In The Industry!

The purpose of CB Split is to help you increase your conversion rates and average order value… 

So you can scale to 250, 500 or even 1,000+ sales per day. 

That’s why, I’d like to offer another special bonus to help you do exactly that. 

I’ve teamed up with Matt Shuebrook… 

Who owns one of the hottest agencies in Clickbank marketing today. 

Matt’s agency is special because they’re 100% results driven. 

They have one goal and one goal only:

To beat your control and make your offer work on cold traffic. 

Matt’s arranged for all new CB Split customers to have a 60-minute copy review with one of the copywriters on his team. 

We’re talking about A-level copywriters such as… 

Tom McCann, a cold traffic specialist who’s made millions for some of the biggest names in the industry… 

From Craig Ballantyne, Vince Del Monte, Elliott Hulse and some of the biggest supplement companies in the world. 

Joey Percia, author of Why Do You Hate Money

Who’s one of the sharpest health copywriters alive today, who’s produced millions of dollars in sales for clients. 

And Ryan Healy, an email traffic specialist… 

Who has over 15 years experience writing for the biggest names in health and finance… 

Such as Agora Financial, Thomas De Lauer and many more. 

Your 60-minute consult is 100% FREE and 100% optional. 

But if you do want some extra help with your copy, I’m here to add value in every way I can. 


You Love It Or You Don't Pay!

I’m so confident that you’re going to love CB Split… 

That I’m happy to take all of the risk and put it squarely onto my shoulders. 

Here’s the deal. 

Not only do you have a FREE 14 day trial to test drive CB Split… 

But you also have a full 60 days to ask for your money back. 

If CB Split hasn’t helped you to add an extra $1,000/month to your bottom line… 

By increasing sales and conversion rates… 

Within 60 days… 

Just let me know for a full and prompt refund. 

No questions asked. 

Here’s How To Get Started With CB Split, Starting Today… 

To get started, all you need to do is click on the “Start My Free Trial” button below. 

From there, you’ll be taken to our secure checkout platform. 

Take 60 seconds to enter your billing information… 

And you’re ready to go! 

Within the next 5-10 minutes, you’ll receive an email from me with your login information.

You’ll also receive the short and simple, step-by-step training videos…

Showing you EXACTLY how to use CB Split. 

Either do it yourself, or send it to your tech team… 

And you’ll have your first page live within 30 minutes! 

So if you’re ready to get started, just click on the “Start My Free Trial” button below and sign up. 

The Way I See It, You Have Three Options… 

Option 1: Do nothing. 

Ignore everything you’ve read on this page and do nothing. 

Continue working with your current provider… 

And don’t worry that you’re missing out on thousands of dollars (or even tens of thousands)... 

Because of your slow website and inefficient split testing system. 

Option 2: Try to custom build this software for yourself. 

Spend tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours… 

Getting software engineers to build this service for you from scratch. 

Go through the headache of building this software for yourself. 

Deal with system breaks which shut your website down for days. 

Before finally, after months, or even years… 

You have a system which works flawlessly, from start to finish. 

Or there’s the third option, the smart option, the best option. 

Option 3: Join CB Split today. 

Click on the link below and sign up for your FREE 14-day trial. 

Take that time to set up your first CB Split page… 

And test it out for yourself. 

Enjoy our proprietary split testing software… 

And use it to get significant boosts in your conversion rate. 

Use our advanced data platform, which is integrated with Clickbank… 

To make the data driven decisions to grow your business. 

And enjoy a much faster website, and the increased traffic and conversions that it brings. 

To get started, just click on the “Start My Free Trial” button below. 

And you’ll be able to place your order immediately. 

Remember, I’m personally available to help you get started with CB Split. 

Once you sign up, you’ll have my Skype, email and even phone number… 

I’m right here with you every step of the way. 

Thanks for reading, 

I can’t wait to help you take your business to the next level with CB Split. 

Stephan Mackenzie,

Frequently Asked Questions… 

Q: How is this different to ClickFunnels, WordPress, Kajabi Or Visual Website Optimizer. 

CB Split is the ONLY solution specifically designed for Clickbank vendors to grow their business. 

CB Split has three key features which are NOT available for any other solutions. 

  1. Our proprietary split testing software integrated with Clickbank. So you can know with total certainty which of your pages is winning. CB Split doesn’t just measure conversion rate, but total cart value, upsell revenue, downsell revenue and more! 

  2. Our Data Framework gives you real-time data about your funnels. All presented in a clean, easy to understand format, so you can make the data driven decisions needed to grow your business. 

  3. CB has a much faster page load time than any of the brand name solutions. And that increased page load speed means higher conversions and more customers. 

Plus, everything inside CB Split is integrated with Clickbank and any other tools you require. 

Making this the #1 solution for Clickbank vendors to grow their business!

Q: What if I have a problem with my website? It is easy to get in touch with you?

Absolutely! We’re only opening the doors to 100 people to join CB Split over this introductory period. 

This is to ensure that I personally have the time to help everyone begin using the software and take care of any problems you have myself. 

And over the long-term, we use very advanced servers which are very fast and very rarely break. 

So you can be confident your website will stay online 24/7, 365. Even if you have HUGE traffic. 

Q: How much does it cost? 

CB Split pays for itself from day 1. 

During this early bird launch, we’re offering a 14-day FREE trial for all new members. 

Take these 14 days to set up your first split tests and begin getting results. 

After your 14 day FREE trial, the investment is $197/month. 

You may cancel your subscription anytime. 

Q: What is your refund policy?

If CB Split doesn’t help you add at least $1,000/month to your bottom line within 60 days… 

Let me know and I’ll give you a full, unconditional refund. 

No questions asked. 

Q: How can I get started?

That’s the best part! 

Just click on the “Start My Free Trial” button below and you’ll be taken to our secure order form. 

Enter your billing information and within 5 minutes, you’ll receive your login information for CB Split… 

Along with my step-by-step video instructions for how to get started. 

Click the “Start My Free Trial” button below and let’s get started!