CBSplit New Features ( for those familiar with ver 1.0 )

  • Admin Logging - Superadmin can see all login's and changes made by all accounts.
  • Version Control - Pages, Layouts and Snippets track changes by date/time, show differences, and can be reverted.
  • User Level Privledges - Create users with only the privleges they need to get their job done.
  • A-Z Testing - A/B Split test with more variables at once, up to 26 concurrent variations.
  • Autopilot for split tests - auto-completes a test and makes winning page live
  • Clickbank API Integration - Connect to the ClickBank API to confirm sales, order items, revenue per order and more...
  • 3rd Party Mailer API Integrations for Maropost and InfusionSoft - coming soon for MailChimp API etc...
  • xVerify API Integration

CBSplit Core Functionality

  • Split Testing - Continously optimize your conversions and revenue with this proven and powerful method.
  • ClickBank Integration - Designed from the ground up for ClickBank publishers, including API integration.
  • SEO Friendly - Static URL slugs, Meta tools including Facebook and meta images, follow/no-follow/index/no-index and sitemap.
  • Content Management System - Page creation, template management, code snippets, media and more.
  • Redirect Module - Build in handler for redirecting visitors with custom 301's
  • GEO Redirection/Page Handler - Redirect foreign traffic to maximize revene and minimize customer service issues.
  • Affiliate Pixel Management - Load your affiliates pixel on select pages only when incoming referral matches 
  • Select landing page by passing variable in clickbank referral link, ie ?PID=NNN lands on page ID NNN