CB Split CMS - ClickBank Split Testing Content Management System


CBSplit was originally commissioned by one of the top ClickBank publishers of all times, who wanted a website building application that had some important custom integrations with the ClickBank affiliate network.  The split testing functionality gives the publisher the ability to test on page optimizations continously to increase conversions and revenue.  The original application could only test two iterations, A/B, at one time, our latest version allows you to test from A-Z ( as many as 26 ). While your test is running you can see visitors, conversions, and revenue generation by each iteration. Manage each test manually or set it on autopilot, to have a test end after a certain amount of time, clicks or sales have happened, with the winning version going live.

The content management system works much like wordpress, with layouts ( similar to Wordpress themes ), snippets ( similar to Wordpress widgets ), and pages ( similar to Wordpress posts/pages ).  ClickBank publishers are often asked by their marketing partners to place tracking pixels on pages, when you have many marketing partners this pixel load can dramatically affect the user experience. We have developed a method by which only the traffic sent by your specific marketing partner will load the pixel from that partner. CBSplit is heavily optimized to handle high traffic sites, and peak loads from email campaigns or advertisement buys from large sites like Facebook.  The code is closed source, and not in continous threat of security explots like WordPress sites.

Redirect your visitors from legacy pages, or google indexed URL's to new pages with our built in redirect manager.  Minimize customer service issues and fraud by redirecting foreign traffic to specific pages, offers, or sites.  Redirection can be filtered by country or device type ( mobile/desktop ), and set to 301 permanent or 302 temporary.

Version control and backups, we all make mistakes and everyone has accidentally deleted something they didn't mean to delete, or changed something and saved it and wish they had not.  All delete actions can be recovered from our admin logging module.  All edits can be compared to previous versions and reverted, in layouts, snippets and pages.

As your company grows you will want to allow others to login to your site and help with the workload. Our users module will allow you to create new logins that have access only to the areas they need.

CBSplit will continuously evolve and develop new features that our user base deems benefitial. We currently offer API integrations with Maropost, xVerify, and InfusionSoft. Underway we have a Quiz Builder and funnel manager.

As a customer of CBSplit you will automatically be eligable to earn revenue by referring other ClickBank publishers to our site.  Once you are logged in click on Account > Affiliate Program in the top menu.