Why should I move my site to CBSplit?

As the founder and creator of the CBSplit CMS this is a question that I am constantly asking myself so I can provide the best answer to my existing, prospective, and future customers.  The first thing that comes to mind is the people behind CBSplit, the development team, the industry partners, the inside help we get at ClickBank, are ALL truly in it to make YOU successful. We are agile, forward thinking, inventive, open to suggestions, and rapidly developing the BADDEST Swiss Army Knife you could ever imagine having in your toolkit as a ClickBank Publisher.

Simply put, if you could invent it yourself, as someone who TRULY understands the challenges for marketing, reporting, CRO, security, analytics, deployment of content, and every other little detail that goes with being a success in the ClickBank Marketplace.  If you had at your disposal a dream team of developers, and could be at the leading edge of every aspect of technology to make your business a success.  THIS is the TOOL you would create.

CBSplit is your sites ( crazy fast, and wildly capable ) hosting, page builder ( CMS ), split test engine, reporting platform, redirect manager, file manager, DNS manager, SSL provider,  and more.

We simply beat you to it.

CBSplit is not static, it is an evolving, rapidly improving piece of hosted software that you can access and deploy your sites on monthly for the cost of a business lunch. As innovative new features and technologies come to the forefront and are adopted by our customers we will integrate those technologies into the CBSplit platform.

The ROI on moving your sites to CBSplit will likely be single best investment you have ever made.  When used properly CBSplit will allow you to fine tune you offer, your marketing, your upsells, and split test all of these things continuously with very little effort to an amazing conclusion.

A little scared to move?

Migrating your existing site can be scary and there are many things to consider, our technical team can help with this migration for a nominal fee or simply advise your webmaster on best practices and ensure that you are 100% satisfied that the migration is complete and ready before changing DNS to point your site to us.  CBSplit has a built in redirect module that can safely deal with redirecting your old URLS to new ones with no loss of search engine ranking. 

For the extremely cautious, you could simply migrate your top sales funnels to CBSplit on a subdomain like https://offers.mydomain.com and get comfortable with the platform without dipping all 10 toes in at once. 

What if my site is not on ClickBank?

CBSplit has the ability to run split tests on basically any platform, initially designed for ClickBank and deeply integrated, we already completed deep integration with UltraCart, LimeLight CRM and InfustionSoft are also coming in Spring 2020.  We have customers using HasOffers/Tune for list building and have developed some great tools for working with this platform. The basic premise is the user comes to your tested page on CBSplit, and then after successful checkout is redirected to an upsell or thank-you page on our platform, optionally we provide a tracking pixel for those using a 3rd party site for this purpose, it then registers the sale.

As other platforms become in demand from our customer base, deep integration using API's, webhooks, and post/ping backs are certainly possible.

Still not sure?

Feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to answer any questions you might have, if you happen to know any of the current users of CBSplit by all means ask them for their opinion.  I can provide you with a free 2 week trial so you can set up a domain or sub-domain and do some testing of your own.  If you have trouble getting started we have a wiki and I would be happy to offer some assistance along the way.