WordPress vs CBSplit for Clickbank

It is hard to deny the 500lb gorilla in the room, WordPress has become the go to for website creators across all platforms and disciplines.  The difficulty with being the swiss army knife of content creation tools, ( content management systems ), is that invariably over time while trying to appeal to everyone your code becomes bloated.  I have ties to the hosting industry and in the past 8 or so years it would be safe and reasonable to say that WordPress has single handedly accounted for 98% of all website hacks and server intrusions.  The challenge of an open source web development project with a massive community contribution in the way of themes and plugins is that it is impossible to police them all and ensure that back doors, or sloppy code are not exposing your company to hacks.

CBSplit vs WordPress for Clickbank

CBSplit on the other hand is a closed project that caters to a relatively small audience, a surgical tool you might say compared to the swiss army knife.  In a lot of ways CBSplit is similar to WordPress in it's utility, the key differences of course being that out of the box CBSpilt will outperform WordPress in its ability to handle traffic spikes and massive marketing campaigns, see my list below;

  1. CBSplit is simply faster than Wordpress in everyway.
  2. Wordpress sites are constantly in need of updates to the main application, themes, and plugins.
  3. Almost all instances of hacked sites/pages occur in wordpress.
  4. No native integration with Clickbank API when using wordpress.
  5. No native split testing functionality when using wordpress.
  6. CBSplit can help you maximize revenue from your upsell flows.
  7. Split Testing, or multivariate testing can be automated and done at scale.
ClickBank publisher who choose WordPress are faced with buying multiple plugins and maintaining them in order to even partially come close to the functionality of CBSplit.  Split Tests, ClickBank API integrations, INS, hoplink redirects, advertiser pixel placement, Maropost/xVerify integrations, InfusionSoft integrations, Upsell Flow Revenue tracking and more are standard fare for CBSplit, and we are constantly developing and adding features that real ClickBank Publishers are asking for on a daily basis.

Whether you are a first time ClickBank Publisher looking for your piece of the American Dream, or a seasoned veteran looking for a platform that will take your site to the next level of performance and CRO, ( conversion rate optimization ) CBSplit should be your choice over WordPress.  ClickBank Legend Mike Geary of "Truth About Abs" fame, has been using CBSplit and its predecessors for over 10 years, imagine having one of the top ClickBank publisher/affiliates of all time create the ultimate website publishing tool and you can start using it today!