How to Build Lead Quiz with CBSplit (No Technical Knowledge Required)

CBSplit CMS allows you to build Lead quiz without any technical knowledge and embed quiz into your webpages with single line of code.

Here's what we'll cover:

  1. What is Lead Quiz?
  2. Benefit of Quiz
  3. Create A Quiz
  4. Customizing Quiz HTML
  5. Customizing Quiz Success Pages
  6. See your Quiz Results

What is Lead Quiz?

Lead Quiz is questionnaires you ask to your users for engagement and then based on answers you show them their products to capture leads.

Benefit of Quiz

Quiz helps Users to provide their requirements as option and then based on all the answers he could find the products satisfy all the criteria.

Create A Quiz

Navigate to top menu of Admin then Click Content.

Add Quiz Question
Once Step is Created. Click + Add Question.
Enter your Question in textbox and Click + Create. You may add multiple questions at this step.
Add Quiz Answers
After creating question. Click the Question to add answers (options) for Question. Once you click Add Answers popup up will appear with Textbox ask you to enter Answer. You may also enter score for your answer here.
Quiz Answer
Quiz score is useful when you need to show some content depends on score. Click Save Button to Save your work.
Quiz Answer
Locate Quiz embed code next to your quiz name. Copy/Paste it into your webpages to display quiz on your webpages.

Customizing Quiz HTML (Template)

Click Template tab to open html editor to customize quiz code.

You can also add your CSS code here.

Customizing Quiz Success Pages

Click Success to edit your quiz finish page HTML markup.

Like Success Page, You can also add your CSS code here.

Quiz Score

To display Quiz score on success page, just use {{score}} variable.

Add Tracking Pixel to Success Page

Redirect to other pages with Quiz Score

After finishing quiz if you need to redirect user to a Product Page base on score or a ClickBank page with quiz score as querystring parameter use following code

Send Quiz Result to JavaScript API

Use following code snippet if you need to post your quiz results to some API end points


If you need to store Quiz data into Google Sheet follow the tutorial here.

See your Quiz Results

Click the Results tab to see your quiz results.

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